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Roots Haarlem

Get settled

A Social Relocation - from Expats for Expats.

We help you and your family to grow roots quickly.

What can you expect from us:

  • Personal care and personal mentoring/support

  • Expert and expat knowledge about your needs

  • Hands-on mentality to give your expat-life a powerful start

We are your Social Settlement Service

When you need help to settle in the Netherlands, we are here for you.


Let's Meet

We are Edda and Anne.
We are Roots Haarlem.

We offer a unique service for Expats and international families in the Netherlands. Both of us moved to Haarlem a few years back with an open mind and confident we would fit in quickly. We were surprised how long it took to fully feel home and grow roots in Haarlem. We also got the help of relocation agencies in the beginning but becoming part of society is a different story. We talked to a lot of other expats and realized: We are not alone.  


Going forward we would like to offer people in a similar situation personal shortcuts, empathic hacks and valuable advises that will allow for quicker arrival and deeper rooting. 

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