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Finding your perfect employees is hard. Seeing them leaving is hard and expensive.


  • Expatriates and their families tend to suffer years of stress, strain, and unhealthy living before it possibly ends in divorceseparation, a split assignment, or failure. If professional intervention is offered before or during the process, perhaps the deterioration can be avoided or reversed.

  • Our responsibility is the well being of your employees family.

  • We accompany the social settling process and make sure the family system adapts to the new life.

  • So we prevent whole families from giving up on their expatriate adventure.



  • Working with employees from abroad, the families of expatriates have a significant impact on their success. If a spouse or child is struggling to settle in to the new environment, it is highly likely to impact on the employee’s performance and willingness to complete the assignment. (www.allianzcare.com)

  • In the Friends & Socializing subcategory, more than four in nine expats (45%) find it difficult to make friends in Amsterdam (vs. 33% globally), and 28% are unhappy with their social life. (www.internations.org)

  • (...) generally spoken a voluntarily leaving employee can cost your organisation between 40% en 200% of their years` salary.  (www.randstad.nl)


  • Personal care for your employee`s family over the first two tricky months: 

    • ​in person

    • by phone, video and chat

  • Using the best expertise from our Expat Experts. We cooperate with local businesses and services.

  • Activating our network and knowledge to find the tiny little piece that really fits the needs.

  • Ensuring and enabling the whole family in the new city to be happy

  • Onboarding the whole family - not only the employee

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