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Anne and Edda are two of the most loyal, trustworthy and fun people I had the honor to meet in my new city Haarlem who made me feel like 'home' right away. 

Anna Gogoman, Business Alignment Coach at

The minute I met Edda and Anne, my whole expat experience changed. It was not only the loads of useful information and guidance that made my life easier. It was the spirit of personal well-being.

Rebekka Betz, Trailing Spouse from Germany

Franziska Herhold-0490.jpg

Regarding the huge effort a company makes to find the perfect fitting employee it`s smart and even overdue to support him and his family holistically in this overwhelming process of Expat Life.

Franziska Lüder, Senior HR Consultant

Finding the perfect house is just the beginning. The real challenge starts afterwards. Your guarantee for a successful start into your expatriate adventure are those two highly competent women. Seeing them growing roots themselves here makes me sure they will make expat life a positive experience for you.

Bas Ros, Owner Interhouse Haarlem


Naam, titel


Tanja Schweers, Trailing Spouse

While moving you feel like the mess in your house might be your biggest problem. But after your boxes are unpacked you start to realize that you know nothing. Daycare for kids? Handyman for the leaking window? Cheapest option to send a package abroad? Anne and Edda took me by my hand and walked me through my new life. I am so grateful!

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