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The History of Roots

Have you ever heard about the Trailing Spouse Syndrome? Do you know the number one reason why expatriate failures? We do!

Both of us moved to Haarlem a few years back with an open mind and confident we would fit in quickly. We were surprised how long it took us to really feel home and grow roots in our new surroundings. We had the help of relocation agencies in the beginning but becoming part of society is a different story. We talked to a lot of other expats and realized: We are not alone.  


Going forward we would like to offer people in a similar situation personal shortcuts, empathic hacks and valuable advises that will allow for quicker arrival and deeper rooting.

We do not see ourselves as one of the many relocation companies. We offer a settling service to prevent newcomers and their loved ones from giving up on their new lives:

  • We take personal care. We feel you.

  • We have been through it. We own a wealth of practical experience and a strong network "From Expats for Expats". We navigate through all available information to find that tiny little part that really fits your individual needs.

  • We are there for you - physically and online.

The Roots Team 

Edda Moll

My actual working background is medicine, but the step from one to the other is not as big as it may seem. Both working as a doctor and as helping people settling into a new life is trying to change peoples lives for the better!

I always had a very romantic view of living abroad, and it took me quite by surprise that the fulfilment of an old wish turned out to be so much harder in reality. We did have the help of a settling agency, and even if it made the bureaucratic jungle easier, I still felt lost after they had done their job. 

Knowing what I do now I am convinced we can make your new beginnings easier.

I would love to help you find 'your place' and feel at home here.


Anne-Kathrin Mueller

Hey, hallo, hoi hoi!

I am Anne, one of your Expat Experts and co-owners of Roots Haarlem.


With my job at Roots I am connecting many dots of my life: working in marketing and sales, being a parent, moving to another country as a trailing spouse and the passion for people.


With my experience of expat life – the complexity of the adventurous hype, the fear to fail, the freedom to create and the longest, shortest days in the new house, in the new city, in the new country I am glad to share my knowledge.


It took me some time to adapt here, to grow roots. Now – 7 years after we came to Haarlem, I can’t think of any reason to leave this special country, this beautiful city and this fantastic community of friends and families that make me cherish my life every single day.

"It is the spirit of well-being that Edda and Anne added to my life!"  

Rebekka Betz, Trailing spouse from Germany

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