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Buttermilk in the coffee

So everytime I do my very best to convince HR-people to think about a proper settling of their expat employees I use one standard example: buttermilk in the coffee is not tasty!

How come? When I first visited a Dutch supermarket I was overwhelmed by the blinding choice of different milk variations. "Vol" en "half" made total sense to me. But hey - that`s not it! There are so many more! So think about this desperate human being, strumbling through the colorful shelfs, just looking for a decent milk to enjoy in a cup of coffee. Or tea. Which is a lifesaver, right? Anf ending up buying "Karnemelk" (= buttermilk) which makes funny little clots in your well-deserved cup of coffee? Uargh.

A few days ago I read a LinkedIn-Post over a guy who just headed to Amsterdam. And he bought several packages of milk cause he wasn`t able to decide which was the right one for him. So thanks to you, Mahmoud Mahmoud, I have prooved my case.

Have a great start in Amsterdam! And we are here to help.

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