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Easter Family Event

We are still reveling in the memories from Easter saturday- it was our first ever event, and as with everything you do for the first time, we were a bit nervous. Would things work out the way we planned? Would people connect, enjoy? Would the weather be good enough to enjoy having a fire outside to bake bread on a stick? And to use the grassfield for some Easter fun?

Long story short: all worries were unnecessary! We loved all the positive energy that came with it. So many friends and acquaintances encouraging us on the way, people going out of their way to support us, locations sharing our enthusiasm and looking for means to make it happen inside our budget. And, most important of all: everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

We really feel that we met our goal to connect families new in Haarlem- so many of the families that joined reached out to share lovely experiences, we are so glad and grateful!

Many of you have asked for another event, and yes, we are already busy planning it!

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