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Every kid knows…

...but the adults might wanna forget about the upcoming period of excitement, sweets, presents and songs.

As of Monday`s evening it's official: Sinterklaas will step onto his boat in Spain and enter Haarlem on the 14th of november. Traditionally the whole journey, the events of the upcoming weeks and the big final on 5th of december will be reported in the “Sinterklaasjournal” which is a special news show on ntr on this occasion:

What to be prepared for:

  • Sinterklaas will enter Haarlem by boat, the whole city is about to watch this event, indeed slightly different than before pandemic:

  • Kids will talk about Sinterklaas and the Pieten all the time.

  • Kids will dress up as them and sing their songs all the time

  • Kids will aks every day if Sinterklaas put a present in their shoes this night (every family has its own tradition and frequency for this, so try to make up your mind how often you wanna admit:))

  • Kids will craft a huge boat at school - make some room for it:)

  • There will probably be a Sinterklaas party at school

  • The festive highlight of the period will be the evening of the 5th of december. Kids receive presents, the whole family sits together, reading their prepared poems to each other and having dinner.

Good to know:

There are still discussions about the Pieten who have been painted “black” traditionally and there are still some events ignoring racial issues here.

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