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How To Survive The Netherlands- Newcomer Workshop

Today, we would like to shine a light to Skyla Herod and a whole team of lovely volunteers who brought to life a series of workshops called ‘How to Survive The Netherlands’. This is exactly what newcomers to Haarlem and the Netherlands in general need and we are very excited to be a little part of it. The evenings are dedicated to 10 of the most common challenges for newcomers and cover all questions that you can think of (or that you wouldn’t even have thought of thinking of) in a weekly changing theme. There usually is a guest speaker who is a specialist in a certain field, and Skyla covering more information about stuff that just comes up in daily life with (sometimes hilarious episodes of) personal experience. And the best thing: to give the speaker your full attention without having to take notes you’re getting the pdf document with helpful links you can click on sent via email! Each workshop is 5 euros, and you just pick the one useful to you.

The first couple of evenings haven already happened but there are still lots of evenings you can join! And if you have missed some, a new series is already planned for next year.

De Stookkamer, Stephensonstraat 38, 2014 Haarlem

Duration: 2 hr

September 9: Essentials - Registering, Housing, Bills, Taxes September 16: Basic Home Management/Shopping September 23: Bike/Getting Around/extracurriculars/sports September 30: Navigating the Dutch School System October 7: Dutch culture, communication, and language October 14: Navigating Dutch Healthcare October 28: Making Community Connections November 4: Expat Emotions and the "Trailing Spouse" November 18: Finding Work as an Expat November 25: Dutch History and Culture

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