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Sint Maarten and the candy curse

Be prepared for november 11th!

There are two things you really should know:

BUY CANDY (or hide in your dark house)

You will be reminded weeks before in the supermarket: bags full of candys (“uitdeelzakjes”) will flood the shelves. Because as soon as dusk sets on November 11th, kids with lanterns will stroll from door to door, singing and asking for a treat. If you wanna enjoy the show, put a little light by your window so they can see that they are welcome.

You are supposed to say something nice about their lanterns or their singing performance and let them grab a small treat out of a basket or something. End of show:).

GRAB CANDY (or hide in your dark house)

Probably your kid came home from school with a self-made lantern (don't forget to buy an electric lantern stick!), singing Sint Maarten songs the whole week long. So you are qualified to also stock your sugar-storage. Join the crowd! Meet some friends and walk from door to door, singing and enjoying this special tradition.

To be mentioned: yes, there are discussions. Plastic packed candy and the environment for example. Or the overwhelming amount of sugar. Fair enough, concerns noted. Mandarins, paper packed candy or raisin boxes - do what feels right for your household!

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