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Things I love about Haarlem (1)

Okay okay, we could spend hours complaning about the Dutch weather. Even in the official Expat Insider Survey by InterNations the Netherlands rank badly in the category Leisure Options because of the - drum rol - weather.

But. There is a but? Is there a but? Yes it is.

The poor Dutch spring/summer/autumn/winter bonds us. We all cycle through the narrow streets of Haarlem, soaked to the bones, hiding in our yellow raincoats. And then there are those moments of light. When a car driver gives you the right of way because they sit warm and dry. When you get a connecting smile of a wet stranger next to you. They even might add a “wonderful weather right?” or a “enjoy this lovely summer day!” before they take off fighting the next flood.

We are all in this together! Wet but Dutch-ish. Keep smiling. Sun will rise again. For sure in Haarlem.

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